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Systematics of Ipomoea subgenus Quamoclit (Convolvulaceae) based on ITS sequence data and a Bayesian phylogenetic analysis.
A Bayesian phylogenetic analysis of 36 Ipomoea species using sequence data from the internal transcribed spacer region was compared with classification schemes based on traditional methods and aExpand
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Phylogenetic systematics of Ipomoea (Convolvulaceae) based on ITS and Waxy sequences.
Ipomoea is a large and complex genus containing over 600 species of vines and shrubs widely distributed throughout the tropics and subtropics. The phylogeny of 40 species representing the three cur-Expand
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Ground-Based Forest Harvesting Effects on Soil Physical Properties and Douglas-Fir Growth
and microbial number, biomass, and activity (Smeltzer et al., 1986; Dick et al., 1988; Torbet and Soil properties and forest productivity can be affected by heavy Wood, 1992). Each of these effectsExpand
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Soil disturbance and 10-year growth response of coast Douglas-fir on nontilled and tilled skid trails in the Oregon Cascades
We (i) quantified effects of skidder yarding on soil properties and seedling growth in a portion of western Oregon, (ii) determined if tilling skid trails improved tree growth, and (iii) compared r...
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The Fall River Long-Term Site Productivity study in coastal Washington: site characteristics, methods, and biomass and carbon and nitrogen stores before and after harvest.
The Fall River research site in coastal Washington is an affiliate installation of the North American Long-Term Soil Productivity (LTSP) network, which constitutes one of the world’s largestExpand
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One thousand plant transcriptomes and the phylogenomics of green plants
  • James H. Michael S. Eric J. Michael K. Matthew A. Sean W Leebens-Mack Barker Carpenter Deyholos Gitzendanne, J. Leebens-Mack, +192 authors G. Wong
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  • 7 October 2019
Green plants (Viridiplantae) include around 450,000–500,000 species1,2 of great diversity and have important roles in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Here, as part of the One Thousand PlantExpand
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Precision, accuracy, and efficiency of four tools for measuring soil bulk density or strength.
Miller, Richard E.; Hazard, John; Howes, Steven. 2001. Precision, accuracy, and efficiency of four tools for measuring soil bulk density or strength. Res. Pap. PNWRP-532. Portland, OR: U.S.Expand
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Phylogenetics and diversification of morning glories (tribe Ipomoeeae, Convolvulaceae) based on whole plastome sequences.
PREMISE OF THE STUDY Morning glories are an emerging model system, and resolving phylogenetic relationships is critical for understanding their evolution. Phylogenetic studies demonstrated that theExpand
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Soil compaction and conifer growth after tractor yarding at three coastal Washington locations
We measured soil density and tree growth after wet-season, ground-based yarding on fine-textured soils at three clear-cut sites. Four treatment conditions were sampled on or near four skid trailsExpand
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