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An investigation of the structure of silk fibroin.
Abstract An investigation based on new X-ray diffraction data, including quantitative spectrometric measurements of X-ray intensities, has led to the derivation of the fundamental structural featuresExpand
The crystal structure of l‐alanine
The crystal structure of L-alanine, C3H702N, has been determined and refined by analysis of complete three-dimensional diffraction data from copper X-radiation. The crystals are orthorhombic withExpand
The crystal structure of p-aminobenzoic acid.
Some Thoughts on Choosing the Correct Space Group
Some problems that may lead to incorrect assignments of space group are identified and discussed, and some suggestions for avoiding these problems are made. Along the way, about four dozenExpand
Refinements of the crystal structures of dl‐serine and anhydrous l‐serine
The crystal structure of DL-serine has been refined on the basis of 964 independent reflections measured on an X-ray diffractometer. The refinement has converged to an R index of 0.032, withExpand
The crystal structure of cytosine