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Desiring the Muscular Ideal: Men's Body Satisfaction in the United States, Ukraine, and Ghana
Failure to achieve a lean and muscular build, a prominent characteristic of masculinity for many men, may lead to body dissatisfaction. In four studies the authors used silhouette measures to assessExpand
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Sex Differences in Subjective Distress to Unfaithfulness: Testing Competing Evolutionary and Violation of Infidelity Expectations Hypotheses
According to an evolutionary psychology perspective, men's and women's processing of threats to their sex-linked mate selection strategies cause sex differences in infidelity distress. An alternativeExpand
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Subjective Distress to Violations of Trust in Mexican American Close Relationships Conforms to Evolutionary Principles
Sex differences in subjective distress to violations of trust in a close relationship were observed among Mexican American men and women. Imagining a partner’s emotional infidelity and otherExpand
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Muscle Silhouette Measure
Superattraction: The superlearning phenomenon in interpersonal attraction
Our understanding of social processes such as human causal learning, attitude formation, emotional expression, and interpersonal attraction has been improved by the application of conditioningExpand
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Radiation effects on reactor pressure vessel supports
The purpose of this report is to present the findings from the work done in accordance with the Task Action Plan developed to resolve the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Generic Safety Issue No.Expand
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Fat Silhouette Measure