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Physiological Measurements of Metabolic Functions in Man
It is unfortunate, then, that the two authors should then proceed to an almost obsessive discourse on the place particularly of food allergy in nearly all asthma irrespective of age, based largely onExpand
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The metabolism and excretion of buprenorphine in humans.
Buprenorphine, a powerful mixed agonist-antagonist analgesic which shows promise of providing maintenance pharmacotherapy for heroin addicts, is metabolized in male human subjects to norbuprenorphineExpand
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The performance of physical work in the heat can be affected for better or worse by a variety of factors, the most important being physical fitness and acclimatization, nutritional state, clothingExpand
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Effects of environment on morphology of rat cerebral cortex and hippocampus.
Cortical depth differences were found between male rats exposed to enriched or impoverished environmental conditions for successively shorter times, i.e., for 15 days (from 25 to 40 days of age), forExpand
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Osteoradionecrosis of the cervical spine resulting from radiotherapy for primary head and neck malignancies: operative and nonoperative management. Case report.
Osteoradionecrosis is a process of dysvascular bone necrosis and fibrous replacement following exposure to high doses of radiation. The poorly vascularized necrotic tissue may cause pain and/orExpand
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The Pragmatic-Explanatory Continuum Indicator Summary (PRECIS) instrument was useful for refining a randomized trial design: experiences from an investigative team.
OBJECTIVE A recently published instrument (PRECIS) was designed to assist investigative teams in understanding the various design decisions that need to be made regarding pragmatic vs. explanatoryExpand
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Morphological changes in the young, adult and aging rate cerebral cortex, hippocampus, and diencephalon.
This study was designed to serve as a standard for experiments studying effects of behavior or other variables on the anatomy of the rat brain. The depth of the cerebral cortex, the hippocampus, andExpand
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Environment and Food Intake in Man.
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Brain plasticity induced by environment and pregnancy.
Histological studies of brains from rats experiencing enriched (EC) or impoverished (IQ environmental conditions were carried out. Cerebral cortical depth measurements, body weights and endocrineExpand
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