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Transglutaminase reactions associated with the rat semen clotting system: modulation by macromolecular polyanions.
Abstract The coagulation of rodent semen after ejaculation involves the establishment of ϵ-(γ-glutamyl)lysyl cross linkages between seminal vesicle secretion proteins as catalyzed by Ca ++ -dependentExpand
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Transglutaminases in mammalian reproductive tissues and fluids: relation to polyamine metabolism and semen coagulation.
Unique forms of transglutaminases were found in rat coagulating (anterior prostate) gland and its secretion, and also in dorsolateral prostate but not in the ventral lobe of the gland. These forms ofExpand
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Nuclear decondensation of mammalian spermatozoa: changes during maturation and in vitro storage.
Swelling of the spermatozoan nucleus and decondensation of the chromatim occur soon after penetration of spermatozoa into the egg cytoplasm. This decondensation was duplicated in vitro by incubatingExpand
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Cowper's gland secretion in rat semen coagulation. II. Identification of the potentiating factor secreted by the coagulating glands.
the rat by an acetone extract from Cowper’s gland secretion at pH 5.9 is potentiated by incubation of the substrate from the seminal vesicles with coagulating gland secretion. This reaction is termedExpand
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TEPA--A marker for use in evaluating fertilizing ability of rabbit spermatozoa in competitive fertilization.
Rabbit spermatozoa were exposed to the alkylating agent tris-(1-aziridinyl)-phosphine oxide (TEPA) prior to insemination into females. Eggs fertilized with TEPA treated spermatozoa did not developExpand
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Synthesis of polypeptides by the cervix of the baboon (Papio anubis).
Administration of oestradiol to ovariectomized baboons caused the epithelium of the cervix to differentiate into tall columnar cells that were ciliated or secretory. Administration of progesterone inExpand