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A Comparative Analysis of Two Test Methods of Measuring$d$- and$q$-Axes Inductances of Interior Permanent-Magnet Machine
The interior permanent-magnet (IPM) machine is used in many industrial drives. In order to analyze performance and to design efficient and fast controllers, accurate knowledge of machine parametersExpand
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Comparison of Core Loss Prediction Methods for the Interior Permanent Magnet Machine
  • R. Dutta, M.F. Rahman
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  • International Conference on Power Electronics and…
  • 28 November 2005
The Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) machine has been adopted for many high-performance applications including highly competitive automotive field. One of the many advantages offered by the IPMExpand
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AC Motor Control Applications in Vehicle Traction
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Detailed Analytical Modeling of Fractional-Slot Concentrated-Wound Interior Permanent Magnet Machines for Prediction of Torque Ripple
Electromagnetic torque in interior permanent magnet machines is a function of their inductances and permanent magnet (PM) flux linkages, which are assumed sinusoidal in the standard dq model of theExpand
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Analytical Modeling of Armature Reaction Air-Gap Flux Density Considering the Non-Homogeneously Saturated Rotor in a Fractional-Slot Concentrated-Wound IPM Machine
The flux of the embedded magnets in the rotor of an interior permanent magnet (IPM) synchronous machine causes a non-homogeneously saturated rotor iron. This alters the reluctance of the stator fluxExpand
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Performance comparison between concentrated and distributed wound IPM machines used for field weakening applications
This paper states and addresses issues with the application of concentrated windings and compares its field weakening performance to equally sized IPM machines distributed windings. Expand
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Design and Experimental Verification of an 18-Slot/14-pole Fractional-Slot Concentrated Winding Interior Permanent Magnet Machine
This paper presents the design and the experimental verification of an 18-slot/14-pole fractional-slot concentrated winding interior permanent magnet machine. The prototype machine was optimized forExpand
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Winding Inductances of an Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) Machine With Fractional Slot Concentrated Winding
This paper investigates inductance characteristics of a novel 14 pole/18 slot, fractional-slot concentrated-winding (FSCW) IPM machine. The variations of the self and mutual inductances wereExpand
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Direct torque and flux control of interior permanent magnet synchronous machine in deep flux-weakening region
Direct torque and flux control (DTFC) is known for its reduced torque and flux ripples compared to the classical direct torque control scheme. It can drive an interior permanent magnet synchronousExpand
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Performance of a Sensorless Controlled Concentrated-Wound Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine at Low and Zero Speed
This paper concerns the sensorless direct torque and flux control (DTFC) of a 14-pole/18-slot, fractional-slot concentrated winding interior permanent-magnet synchronous machine (IPMSM). Expand
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