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Extending Joux's Protocol to Multi Party Key Agreement (Extended Abstract)
We present a secure unauthenticated as well as an authenticated multi party key agreement protocol. The unauthenticated version of our protocol uses ternary trees and is based on bilinear maps andExpand
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Password-based Encrypted Group Key Agreement
This paper presents an efficient password-based authenticated encrypted group key agreement protocol immune to dictionary attack under the computation Diffie-Hellman (CDH) assumption. In aExpand
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Efficient Self-healing Key Distribution with Revocation for Wireless Sensor Networks Using One Way Key Chains
Security of group communication for large mobile wireless sensor network hinges on efficient key distribution and key management mechanism. As the wireless medium is characterized by its lossyExpand
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Functional Encryption for Inner Product with Full Function Privacy
Functional encryption FE supports constrained decryption keys that allow decrypters to learn specific functions of encrypted messages. In numerous practical applications of FE, confidentiality mustExpand
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Pairing-Based Cryptographic Protocols : A Survey
The bilinear pairing such as Weil pairing or Tate pairing on elliptic and hyperelliptic curves have recently been found applications in design of cryptographic protocols. In this survey, we haveExpand
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Provably Secure Constant Round Contributory Group Key Agreement in Dynamic Setting
  • R. Dutta, R. Barua
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
  • 1 May 2008
In this paper, we present and analyze a variant of Burmester-Desmedt group key agreement protocol (BD) and enhance it to dynamic setting where a set of users can leave or join the group at any timeExpand
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Designing Scalable Self-healing Key Distribution Schemes with Revocation Capability
Self-healing key distribution is a potential candidate to establish session keys for secure communication to large and dynamic groups in highly mobile, volatile and hostile wireless network, whereExpand
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Constant Round Dynamic Group Key Agreement
We present a fully symmetric constant round authenticated group key agreement protocol in dynamic scenario. Our proposed scheme achieves forward secrecy and is provably secure under DDH assumption inExpand
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Dynamic Group Key Agreement in Tree-Based Setting
We present a provably secure tree based authenticated group key agreement protocol in dynamic scenario. Bilinear pairing and multi-signature are at the heart of our protocol. We prove that ourExpand
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Constant Storage Self-Healing Key Distribution with Revocation in Wireless Sensor Network
A self-healing key distribution scheme enables a large group of users (sensor nodes) to establish a session key dynamically over an unreliable, or lossy wireless network. The main property ofExpand
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