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Burning mouth syndrome: a possible etiologic role for local contact hypersensitivity.
BACKGROUND The pathogenesis of the burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is not yet understood. Apart from psychologic factors, several etiologic "somatic" factors have been reported. OBJECTIVE In 22Expand
Psychologic Characteristics of Men with Alopecia Androgenetica and Their Modification
ABSTRACT: Psychologic characteristics were studied in a sample of 168 men with alopecia androgenetica who participated in a clinical trial on the efficacy of minoxidil gel. In general, no evidence ofExpand
Topical minoxidil sensitization in androgenic alopecia
14. Herve-Bazm B, Gradisk1 D, Dupkat P, Mangnac B, Foussereau J, Cavelier C, Bieber P. OccupatiOnal eczema from IPPD and DMPPD m tyres. Contact Dermatitis 1977· 3: 1-15. 15. Bieber P, Foussereau J.Expand
Contact dermatitis caused by urethane acrylates in a hearing aid
Several articles have appeared in the medical literature presenting the arithemetic mean as a summary index for the evaluation of ordinal data such as patch test responses. The use of the mean inExpand
Treatment of Male Pattern Alopecia Using Topical Minoxidil in The Netherlands
ABSTRACT: The efficacy and safety of topically applied 2% minoxidil solution were compared with those of an excipient placebo in the treatment of early male pattern alopecia in this 24‐week,Expand
Psychological Characteristics of Men With Alopecia Androgenetica and Effects of Treatment With Topical Minoxidil An Exploratory Study
ABSTRACT: Psychological characteristics were studied in 85 healthy men with early‐stage alopecia androgenetica who participated in a double‐blind clinical trial on the effect of minoxidil. NoExpand
Why Men with Hair Loss Go to the Doctor
Consultations, motives, experience, and attitudes were explored in 201 men with alopecia androgenetica who had two years before shown interest in hair treatment using minoxidil. During the past twoExpand