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Further elements of structural specificity in potentiation and blockade of excitable tissue preparations by aryl esters of tropine and pseudotropine. III.
Abstract The diphenylacetate, o -chlorophenylacetate, m -chlorophenylacetate, p -chlorophenylacetate, and p -tolylacetate esters of tropine and pseudo tropine have been studied in assorted roles asExpand
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The responses of acetylcholinesterase and conduction in bull-frog sciatic nerve to the stereochemistry of amino alcohol derivatives. III.
Abstract Blockade of the acetylcholinesterase-acetylcholine system and of the conducted impulse in desheathed bullfrog sciatic nerve have been studied with cis-trans isomers ofExpand
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Further response of acetylcholinesterase and of conduction in bullfrog sciatic nerve to the stereochemistry of amine inhibitors. II.
Abstract The stereochemical responses of acetylcholinesterase and bullfrog sciatic nerve to structural variations in the compound sequence I–III have been compared. The enzyme does not differentiateExpand
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Studies on blockade of single nodes of Ranvier and of the acetylcholinesterase system by cyclic aromatic esters. II.
Abstract Several pairs of aryl esters of stereoisomeric amino alcohols in the 2-dimethylaminocyclohexanol and tropine series have been studied with respect to their blocking actions against theExpand
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Potency convergence and crossover in tertiary vs. quaternary tropine amino esters.
A series of potency comparisons on functional interactions between tissue chemoreceptors and the p-tolylacetate esters of tropine (II), and tropine methiodide (I), has disclosed an interesting andExpand
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Some structural requirements underlying holothurin A interactions with synaptic chemoreceptors.
Abstract Studies involving the interactions of the crystalline neurotoxin holothurin A with the rat phrenic nerve-diaphragm preparation have shown that an irreversible destruction of the indirectlyExpand
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Toxic effects induced in neuromuscular tissues by work in hyperbaric helium-oxygen-carbon dioxide environments.
Abstract The rat phrenic nerve-diaphragm (PN-D) preparation working in isometric mode in vitro has been subjected to hyperbaric stress in helium/oxygen/carbon dioxide environments, at total pressuresExpand
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Further studies have revealed new parameters attending the toxic interactions of holothurin A with a variety of nerve and neuromuscular preparations. In particular, low concentrations of thisExpand
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Further toxicologic properties of aromatic esters in the tropine and psi-tropine series.
Summary The anticholinesterasic inhibitory potencies of the diphenylacetate and o-chlorophenylacetate esters of tropine and Ψ-tropine have been evaluated with an esterase preparation from electricExpand
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