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This study examines the influence of racial, demographic and situational variables on types of police suspicion and the ancillary decision to stop and question suspects. Data were drawn from anExpand
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Policy and Training Recommendations Related to Police Use of CEDs: Overview of Findings From a Comprehensive National Study
The authors report the policy and training recommendations derived from a comprehensive national study that examined conductive energy device (CED) use, resulting injuries, departmental policies andExpand
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Neighborhood Differences in Attitudes Toward Policing: Evidence For a Mixed-Strategy Model of Policing in a Multi-Ethnic Setting
There are prevalent in society two general conceptions of the duties of the police officer. Middle class people feel that he should enforce the law without fear or favor. Cornerville people and manyExpand
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Interactive Police-Citizen Encounters that Result in Force
The behavior of officers and suspects during encounters is influenced by the actions, comments, and demeanor of the other actor. The present study looks at the interactive context of police-citizenExpand
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Policing Hot Pursuits: The Discovery of Aleatory Elements
The police pursuit technique has only recently come under scrutiny. Recent concern and publicity have forced the law enforcement community to respond with appropriate guidelines for officers toExpand
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Attitude Structures of Different Ethnic and Age Groups Concerning Police
The purpose of this study is to compare attitude structures of different ethnic and age groups concerning police and policing. Although a number of studies have compared different ethnic and ageExpand
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Transforming Citizens into Suspects: Factors that Influence the Formation of Police Suspicion
The present study examines the formation of police suspicion and the mental processes and decisions officers make prior to stopping and questioning citizens. Furthermore, the authors include a briefExpand
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Policing: Continuity and Change
Building on the successful foundation of Policing Urban America, the authors have collaborated on this concise text to In a police policy and as very readable presentation of the text. DiscussionsExpand
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Police use of force: examining the relationship between calls for service and the balance of police force and suspect resistance
Abstract Over the past decade, the use of force by the police has become an important public policy concern and topic of social science research. A number of researchers hypothesized about theExpand
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