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Bollywood: Sociology Goes to the Movies
Introduction Towards a Sociology of Cinema Singing for India Songs in the Bollywood Film Reading Popular Hindi Films in the Diaspora and the Performance of Urban Indian and Diasporic IdentityExpand
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Bhangra: Birmingham and Beyond
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Book Review: Representing Black Britain: Black and Asian Images on Television
Nutzungsbedingungen: Dieser Text wird unter dem "PEER Licence Agreement zur Verfügung" gestellt. Nähere Auskünfte zum PEER-Projekt finden Sie hier: http://www.peerproject.eu Gewährt wird ein nichtExpand
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Bollywood travels : culture, diaspora and border crossings in popular Hindi cinema
1. Studies in Bollywood Travels 2. Borders and Border Crossings in Main Hoon Na and Veer Zaara 3. Dance Baby Dance: Diaspora, Place and Aesthetics in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom 4. The Secret Politics AreExpand
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Vilayati Bollywood: Popular Hindi Cinema-Going and Diasporic South Asian Identity in Birmingham (UK)
Abstract Drawing on theoretical developments in the studies of Black British diasporas, combining textual analysis with extended qualitative interviews, and focusing on the citizenry of British SouthExpand
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Birmingham (UK): Constructing city spaces through Black popular cultures and the Black public sphere
Drawing on qualitative research undertaken in the city of Birmingham, Britain's second city in terms of geographical size and with the largest number of Black people outside of London, this articleExpand
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The Bollywood Reader
"From its historical roots through to the contemporary moment, the collection of essays, written by eminent scholars in the field, demonstrate so clearly how Indian cinema is more than the sum of itsExpand
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Haptic urban ethnoscapes: Representation, diasporic media and urban cultural landscapes
ABSTRACT This article posits the theoretical framework of the ‘haptic urban ethnoscape’. Haptic urban ethnoscapes invite us to think about the body of film and media and the bodies of audiences asExpand
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Drum'n'dhol 1
British bhangra is a genre of British popular music fusing Punjabi lyrics and the beats of the Indian drum, the dhol, with black music genres and British pop sounds, producing an urban anthem andExpand
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The Essential Bollywood
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