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Power, subjectivity and ethics in qualitative research
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Cultures of mothering and car use in suburban Sydney: a preliminary investigation
The increasing use of cars by women, especially mothers, is one of the more significant transport trends of the past decade. This paper suggests the need for a fresh approach to this issue, namelyExpand
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Understanding Master-Planned Estates in Australian Cities: A Framework for Research
Master-planned estates (MPEs) are becoming increasingly important as a part of the urban residential fabric and have recently begun to attract significant research attention. Our purpose in thisExpand
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Accommodating Open Plan: Children, Clutter, and Containment in Suburban Houses in Sydney, Australia
Open-plan living areas are one of the defining features of contemporary suburban architecture in spatially expansive nations like Australia, the United States, and Canada. In these contexts, theExpand
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Practice and public–private partnerships in sustainable transport governance: The case of car sharing in Sydney, Australia
Over the past two decades car sharing has become a mainstream transportation mode for over a million users worldwide with organisations now operating in more than 1100 cities across 26 countries andExpand
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Microgeographies of Retailing and Gentrification
It has long been argued that gentrification is a process of consumption as well as production but, in the main, analyses of consumption and gentrification have only tangentially or anecdotallyExpand
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Governing Social Reproduction in Masterplanned Estates
Critical urban research arising from the ‘new urban politics’ rich heritage has conventionally privileged the politics of accumulation and the city’s downtown over the politics of social reproductionExpand
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Geographies of identity: landscapes of class
Historically class has been less likely than dimensions such as gender or race to come up in geographical discussions of identity as lived experience. In this progress report I document the novelExpand
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Neotraditionalism in the Suburban Landscape: Cultural Geographies of Exclusion in Vancouver, Canada.
During the 1990s, urban geographers have become fascinated with what are termed “neotraditional landscapes,” yet have ignored the broader cultural contexts of neotraditionalism. In this paper, I useExpand
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