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Inhibition of autophagy abrogates tumour necrosis factor α induced apoptosis in human T‐lymphoblastic leukaemic cells
It is proposed that the early stages of autophagy are required for, but do not necessarily result in, TNFα‐induced apoptosis. Expand
Glaucoma in a case of Hurler disease.
The development of glaucoma in this patient is thought to be associated with the presence of the mucopolysaccharide-containing cells in the region of the aqueous drainage channels. Expand
Multimeric complement component C9 is necessary for killing of Escherichia coli J5 by terminal attack complex C5b-9.
These experiments are the first to demonstrate a biological function for C9 polymerization and suggest that multimeric C9 is necessary for optimal killing of E. coli J5 cells by C5b-9. Expand
Chronic malabsorption due to cryptosporidiosis in a child with immunoglobulin deficiency
A case of fatal cryptosporidiosis in a child with primary immunoglobulin deficiency and there is no known effective therapy is described. Expand
Studies on the mechanism of influenza virus entry into cells.
Utilizing a pulse labelling technique, virus entering CEF cells in the presence of inhibitors was shown to initiate specific virus polypeptide synthesis after neutralization of remaining extracellular virus and removal of the inhibitors, and an energy independent mechanism of viropexis has been proposed. Expand
The pathology of tumors and other lesions induced in rodents by virus derived from a rat with Moloney leukemia.
Summary The morbid anatomic and histologic changes following inoculation of a sarcoma-inducing virus (derived from a rat with Moloney leukemia) into mice, rats, and hamsters are described. ChangesExpand
Ribonucleoprotein of avian infectious bronchitis virus.
The ribonucleoprotein (RNP) of avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) was examined by electron microscopy after shadowing with carbon/platinum and helical RNP complexes associated with virus particles were observed that were similar to RNPs of human coronavirus strain 229E and mouse hepatitis virus strain 3. Expand
The structural events associated with the attachment of complement components to cell membranes in reactive lysis.
Electron microscopic study of the events occurring at the cell membrane during reactive lysis by complement, showed that a foliaceous particle was formed at the C5b-7 stage, that enlarged to aExpand