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Banach Algebra Techniques in Operator Theory
1 Banach Spaces.- 2 Banach Algebras.- 3 Geometry of Hilbert Space.- 4 Operators on Hilbert Space and C*-Algebras.- 5 Compact Operators, Fredholm Operators, and Index Theory.- 6 The Hardy Spaces.- 7
On majorization, factorization, and range inclusion of operators on Hilbert space
The purpose of this note is to show that a close relationship exists between the notions of majorization, factorization, and range inclusion for operators on a Hilbert space. Although fragments of
The Hardy Spaces
In this chapter we study various properties of the spacesH 1 H 2 andH ∞in preparation for our study of Toeplitz operators in the following chapter. Due to the availability of several excellent
Hilbert Modules over Function Algebras
A different point of view is outlined which may assist in guiding developments in the area of non-selfadjoint operator theory and which has largely eluded us.
Invariant subspaces in the polydisk
This note is a study of unitary equivalence of invariant subspaces of H2 of the polydisk. By definition, this means joint unitary equivalence of the shift operators restricted to the invariant