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What is Systematic Theology
In his classic work Method in Theology, Bernard Lonergan left many questions unanswered in regard to his treatment of systematics. In What Is Systematic Theology? Robert M. Doran attempts toExpand
The usefulness of Vistech and FACT contrast sensitivity charts for cataract and refractive surgery outcomes research
The Vistech CS chart was confirmed as providing poorly repeatable data and the FACT chart, likely because of a smaller step size, showed slightly better retest agreement, which could mask subtle differences between groups of patients with near normal visual function. Expand
Secondary exotropia: a retrospective analysis of matched cases.
The presence of reduced adduction postoperatively in subjects with secondary exotropia was a poor prognostic sign with 11 of the 13 cases requiring further surgery for poor cosmesis. Expand
Adjustable and non-adjustable strabismus surgery: a retrospective case-matched study
There is currently insufficient evidence that patients, without thyroid eye disease, benefit from the longer and potentially uncomfortable procedure of adjustable suture strabismus surgery to support its rapidly growing use and that a prospective randomised controlled trial is indicated. Expand
The Fiction of Narrative: Essays on History, Literature, and Theory, 1957-2007
Hayden White is celebrated as one of the great minds in the humanities. Since the publication of his groundbreaking monograph, Metahistory, in 1973, White's work has been crucial to disciplines whereExpand
Rethinking Mimesis Rethinking Mimesis: Concepts and Practices of Literary Representation
theoretical principles and, on the other hand, an acknowledgement of poetry’s (and, more generally, literature’s) open-ended possibilities of practice. But while this instability to some degreeExpand
Indirect choroidal tears at the posterior pole: a fluorescein angiographic and perimetric study.
Investigations revealed that a transient breakdown of the choroidoretinal barrier to fluorescein dye could be detected in cases investigated within 4 days of injury, and that the late complication of neovascularisation, producing a serous maculopathy, may resolve and good central vision be retained without recourse to photocoagulation therapy. Expand
Randomized controlled clinical trial of beta irradiation as an adjunct to trabeculectomy in open-angle glaucoma.
The authors' sample size was too small to show any improvement in success with use of beta irradiation in this group, and other studies would have to be done to determine whether it may have measurable benefit in cases with a high risk of filtration failure. Expand
Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan