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Reassessing the Three Waves of Democratization
Since the publication of Samuel Huntington's 1991 study of democratization, scholars have come to take for granted the notion that the spread of democracy has come in waves. Although Huntington'sExpand
Critical citizens, democratic support and satisfaction in African democracies
Worldwide, there is substantial popular support for the ideal of democracy but, on the other hand, there is considerable dissatisfaction with democracy within democracies. Democracies are inhabitedExpand
One-party dominance in African democracies
Is the dominance of one political party a problem in an emerging democracy, or simply an expression of the will of the people? Why has one-party dominance endured in some African democracies and notExpand
The structural context of recent transitions to democracy
.  In general, the literature on democratic transitions has focused on political processes and choices of actors in explaining regime change, thereby failing to investigate whether structural factorsExpand
Where Are the People? A Call for People-Centred Concepts and Measurements of Democracy
This article aims to bring the people to the heart of democracy measurement. Existing measurements have reinforced the idea that democracy is the domain of the state with its procedures, institutionsExpand
Democratic Transitions: Exploring The Structural Sources Of The Fourth Wave
With the widespread movement toward democratization that characterized the first post-Cold War decade, why did some nondemocratic regimes undergo a transition toward a democratic political system,Expand
Which type of democracy performs best?
Which type of democracy performs best? While some scholars argue that an electoral system with proportional representation combined with a decentralized system works best, and that the type ofExpand
Democracy and Civil War
Does democracy have a ‘dark side’, or is civil war less likely in democracies? The findings are confusing, which is exacerbated by the fact that different aspects of civil war are mixed up in civilExpand