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The sustainable restoration of lakes—towards the challenges of the Water Framework Directive
Abstract Most in-lake restoration projects use deeply intrusive methods. They include the removal of bottom sediments and the use of high doses of precipitants. They are very radical, causingExpand
Storm water contamination and its effect on the quality of urban surface waters
The aim of the analyses was to explain to what extent pollutants found in storm water runoff from the studied catchments affected the quality of surface waters and whether it threatened the aquatic organisms. Expand
Changes in Phytoplankton and Water Quality during Sustainable Restoration of an Urban Lake Used for Recreation and Water Supply
Groundwater intake near Lake Glebokie, situated in the city of Szczecin in Northwestern Poland, resulted in a distinct decrease in the lake water level. Water intake from a river and a neighboringExpand
Cyanobacteria blooms before and during the restoration process of a shallow urban lake.
Whether sustainable restoration has a significant impact on phytoplankton, especially cyanobacterial blooms in a shallow, urban, degraded lake is determined and the decrease in the phosphorus concentration as a result of restoration proved to be sufficient for average climatic conditions. Expand
Phytoplankton Composition and Abundance in Restored Maltański Reservoir under the Influence of Physico-Chemical Variables and Zooplankton Grazing Pressure
The aim of the study is to determine the extent to which the qualitative and quantitative composition of phytoplankton depends on variables changing under the influence of restoration in comparison with other environmental variables. Expand
The response of a shallow hypertrophic lake to innovative restoration measures – Uzarzewskie Lake case study
Abstract The aim of nitrate treatment as a restoration method is to bring about a reduction of the high potential reactivity of sediments by the oxidation of biodegradable organic matter. As aExpand
Water quality response to sustainable restoration measures – Case study of urban Swarzędzkie Lake
Abstract Accelerated eutrophication and requirements of the Water Framework Directive impose searching for effective restoration methods Recently positive effects are achieved by means of sustainableExpand
Functioning of the Lake Rusałka ecosystem in Poznań (western Poland)
The domination of rotifers in the metazooplankton and low diversity and biomass of benthic macroinvertebrates was the cause of low top-down pressure of these organisms on the phytoplankon. Expand
Internal phosphorus loading from bottom sediments of a shallow preliminary reservoir
Abstract The aim of the studies done in a shallow preliminary reservoir (western Poland) was to determine the intensity and seasonal variability of phosphorus release from bottom sediments. Ex situExpand
The dynamics of a Planktothrix agardhii population in a shallow dimictic lake
This paper aims to examine the dynamics of the P. agardhii population in the shallow though dimictic Uzarzewskie Lake and to answer the questions related to microcystin content within the population and its release. Expand