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A novel automated flow-based biosensor for the determination of organophosphate pesticides in milk.
This work describes the development of an automated flow-based biosensor that employs genetically modified acetylcholinesterase (AChE) enzymes B394, B4 and wild type B131. The biosensor was based onExpand
Voltammetric Electronic Tongue and Support Vector Machines for Identification of Selected Features in Mexican Coffee
This paper describes a new method based on a voltammetric electronic tongue (ET) for the recognition of distinctive features in coffee samples. Expand
Naked-Eye Detection of Glucose in Saliva with Bienzymatic Paper-Based Sensor
We present a bienzymatic paper-based sensor suitable for the naked-eye detection of glucose in saliva samples. Expand
The Evaluation of a Low-Cost Colorimeter for Glucose Detection in Salivary Samples
We present a low-cost colorimeter applied to the non-invasive monitoring of Diabetes Mellitus through the detection of glucose in salival fluid. Expand
Automated flow-through amperometric immunosensor for highly sensitive and on-line detection of okadaic acid in mussel sample.
An electrochemical immunosensor for okadaic acid (OA) detection has been developed, and used in an indirect competitive immunoassay format under automated flow conditions. The biosensor wasExpand
First advances on the development of a hydroponic system for cherry tomato culture
A hydroponic system for the cherry tomato culture based on the nutrient film technique with sensors and circuits to monitor pH and electrical conductivity. Expand
Room Temperature Detection of Acetone by a PANI/Cellulose/WO3 Electrochemical Sensor
Chemical sensing based on semiconducting metal oxides has been largely proposed for acetone sensing, although some major technical challenges such as high operating temperature still remain unsolved.Expand
Sequential injection analysis system for electronic tongues modelling and calibration process
An automated Sequential Injection Analysis (SIA) system is implemented in this work. Expand
Design of a novel magnetic particles based electrochemical biosensor for organophosphate insecticide detection in flow injection analysis
The fabrication of transducer interfaces with improved electroanalytical performance is still a challenge in the field of advanced flow based electrochemical biosensors. The use of magneticExpand
Flexible electrochemical sensor based on laser scribed Graphene/Ag nanoparticles for non-enzymatic hydrogen peroxide detection
Abstract Here, we demonstrate the detection of H2O2 with a novel, flexible and non-enzymatic electrochemical sensor based on a laser scribed graphene electrode decorated with silverExpand