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Determinative and cytological light microscopy
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Effect of viscosity on bacterial motility.
The behavior of a number of motile flagellated bacteria toward viscosity characteristics of their fluid environments was observed. All showed an increase in velocity (micrometers per second) in moreExpand
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Studies on the metabolic function of branched-chain volatile fatty acids, growth factors for ruminococci. I. Incorporation of isovalerate into leucine.
Allison, Milton J. (Dairy Cattle Research Branch, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, Md.), M. P. Bryant, and R. N. Doetsch. Studies on the metabolic function of branched-chain volatileExpand
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A Study of Actively Cellulolytic Rod-Shaped Bacteria of the Bovine Rumen
Summary Eight strains of anaerobic, Gram-negative, nomnotile, actively ecllulolytic, rod-shaped bacteria found in large nmnbers in rumcn contents were selected for study on the basis of variation inExpand
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Chemotactic responses by motile bacteria.
SUMMARY: Chemotactic behaviour of ten species of motile bacteria from nine different genera toward over 130 compounds was examined using a flat-glass capillary tube technique and microscopicalExpand
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Invited review: bacterial flagellar sheaths: structures in search of a function.
Although bacterial flagellar sheaths were observed over 30 years ago, they may still be characterized as structures in search of a function. In addition to true sheaths, bacterial flagella mayExpand
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The Bacteriology of the Bovine Rumen: A Review
The microcosm of the bovine rumen is being explored with fervor by an ever-increasing number of bacteriologists. Most of the published investigations in this field have been made since 1940. It isExpand
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Introduction to Bacteria and Their Ecobiology
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