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Not an Ordinary Killer— Just an Ordinary Guy
The Murder in Britain Study was designed to examine in detail different types of murder. Using a subset of case files from this study, men who murder other men (MM;n = 424) are compared with men whoExpand
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The nature and antecedents of violent events.
Violent events form very important parts of those marital or cohabiting relationships in which they occur.1 They usually take place after a build-up and take on an identity of their own which isExpand
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Rethinking violence against women
Cross-Border Encounters - R E Dobash and R P Dobash Challenges and Opportunities Rethinking Survey Research on Violence against Women - H Johnson Sexual Violence against Women and Girls - L Kelly andExpand
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Changing Violent Men
Changing Violent Men is based on the evaluation of British criminal justice responses and treatment programmes for men who use violence against a woman partner. Court enforced abuser programmes areExpand
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Separate and Intersecting Realities
The authors seek to contribute to a fuller understanding of men's violence against women in intimate relationships by comparing men's and women's accounts of the violence, injuries, and controllingExpand
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Protection, Prevention, Rehabilitation or Justice? Women's Use of the Law to Challenge Domestic Violence*
This article addresses the neglected question of what women who experience ‘domestic violence’ want from the law and examines the ways in which women actively engage with the legal system. ViewingExpand
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A research evaluation of British programmes for violent men
In the last two decades there have been a number of social, medical and legal initiatives in the UK and elsewhere to provide assistance to women who suffer violence from their partner. The mostExpand
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`Remedial Work': Men's Strategic Responses to their Violence against Intimate Female Partners
Based on interviews with 122 men who had used violence against their partner, and employing Goffman's (1971) concept of `remedial work', this paper interrogates violent men's perceptions,Expand
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