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Different notions among researchers about the nature of intimate partner violence have long been the subjects of popular and academic debate. Research findings are contradictory and point in two
Women, violence, and social change
1. Violence Against Women, 2. The Rise of the Movement: Orientations and Issues, 3. Refuges and Housing, 4. The State, Public Policy and Social Change, 5. Challenging the Justice System, 6. New Laws
Not an Ordinary Killer— Just an Ordinary Guy
Men who murder other men are compared with men who murder an intimate partner to reflect on the relative conventionality of each group, and the IP group is less conventional in that they are more likely to have intimate relationships that had broken down and to specialize in violence against women.
The nature and antecedents of violent events.
Violent events form very important parts of those marital or cohabiting relationships in which they occur.1 They usually take place after a build-up and take on an identity of their own which is
The Myth of Sexual Symmetry in Marital Violence
A currently fashionable claim is that violence against husbands is about as prevalent as violence against wives; spousal violence has been said to be symmetrical in its extent, severity, intentions,
Changing Violent Men
Changing Violent Men is based on the evaluation of British criminal justice responses and treatment programmes for men who use violence against a woman partner. Court enforced abuser programmes are
Lethal and Nonlethal Violence Against an Intimate Female Partner
Men who kill were less likely to have been drunk at the time of the event and/or to have previously used violence against the woman they killed, but the findings do not support the notion of a simple progression from nonlethal to lethal violence.
Rethinking violence against women
Cross-Border Encounters - R E Dobash and R P Dobash Challenges and Opportunities Rethinking Survey Research on Violence against Women - H Johnson Sexual Violence against Women and Girls - L Kelly and