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jModelTest 2: more models, new heuristics and parallel computing
jModelTest 2: more models, new heuristics and parallel computing Diego Darriba, Guillermo L. Taboada, Ramón Doallo and David Posada Supplementary Table 1. New features in jModelTest 2 SupplementaryExpand
ProtTest 3: fast selection of best-fit models of protein evolution
A high-performance computing (HPC) version of ProtTest that can be executed in parallel in multicore desktops and clusters, called ProtTest 3, includes new features and extended capabilities. Expand
Parallel Programming with Polaris
Polaris, an experimental translator of conventional Fortran programs that target machines such as the Cray T3D, is discussed, which would liberate programmers from the complexities of explicit, machine oriented parallel programming. Expand
High-performance VLSI architecture for the Viterbi algorithm
A regular and modular design appropriate for the VLSI implementation in which the only necessary communications between processors are the data recirculations between stages. Expand
Adaptive line placement with the set balancing cache
This paper presents a technique that aims to balance the pressure on the cache sets by detecting when it may be beneficial to associate sets, displacing lines from stressed sets to underutilized ones. Expand
F-MPJ: scalable Java message-passing communications on parallel systems
F-MPJ significantly improves the scalability of current MPJ implementations by providing efficient non-blocking communication, taking advantage of shared memory systems and high-performance networks, andoptimizing MPJ collective primitives. Expand
Java in the High Performance Computing arena: Research, practice and experience
This paper analyzes the current state of Java for HPC, both for shared and distributed memory programming, presents related research projects, and evaluates the performance of current Java HPC solutions and research developments on two shared memory environments and two InfiniBand multi-core clusters. Expand
Research Article: A GIS-embedded system to support land consolidation plans in Galicia
The system provides an integrated framework for the management of spatial and administrative consolidation information and includes optimization-based algorithms for the automated generation of multiple alternative parcel reallocations, as well as an environment to refine and objectively evaluate the proposed solutions. Expand
General‐purpose computation on GPUs for high performance cloud computing
GPGPU is shown to be a viable option for high performance cloud computing despite the significant impact that virtualized environments still have on network overhead, which still hampers the adoption of GPGPU communication‐intensive applications. Expand
Automatic analytical modeling for the estimation of cache misses
This work presents a methodology to build analytical models for codes with regular access patterns that can be applied to caches with an arbitrary size, line size and associativity. Expand