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The Dyirbal language of North Queensland
Preface 1. Australian languages 2. Dyirbal: the language and its speakers 3. word classes 4. Syntax 5. Deep syntax 6. Morphology 7. Phonology 8. Semantics 9. Lexicon 10. Prehistory Appendices.
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The languages of Australia
1. Introduction 2. Tribe and languages 3. Speech and song styles 4. The role of language in Aboriginal Australian society today 5. Vocabulary 6. Phonology 7. Classification of Australian languages. Expand
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Where Have all the Adjectives Gone
Examen des moyens employes par les langues sans adjectif pour exprimer les concepts s'y rapportant et consequences pour des "types" semantiques universels.
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The rise and fall of languages
This book puts forward a different approach to language change, the punctuated equilibrium model. This is based on the premise that during most of the 100,000 or more years that humans have hadExpand
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A Grammar of Boumaa Fijian
The people who live in the Boumaa region of the Fijian island of Taveuni speak a dialect of Fijian that is mutually intelligible with Standard Fijian, the two differing as much perhaps as do theExpand
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Australian Languages: Their Nature and Development
List of maps List of abbreviations and conventions Preface Acknowledgements Conventions followed List of languages and language groups 1. The language situation in Australia 2. Modelling the languageExpand
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A Semantic Approach to English Grammar
  • R. Dixon
  • Computer Science
  • 1 September 2005
A New Approach to English Grammar on Semantic Principles.This book shows how grammar helps people communicate and looks at the ways grammar and meaning interrelate. Expand
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Demonstratives: A cross-linguistic typology
A typology is presented of parameters of variation associated with three main types of demonstratives: nominal (corresponding to demonstrative pronouns and demonstrative adjectives in traditionalExpand
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Changing valency Case studies in transitivity: A typology of causatives: form, syntax and meaning
Introduction This chapter will survey causative constructions in terms of three parameters: their formal marking, their syntax and their semantics. It will also investigate dependencies between theExpand
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