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Seeing is Deceiving: The Psychology of Visual Illusions
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Eye-movements and visual perception
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The function of small saccades
(i) Saccadic movements which displace the visual axis through distances having median values of 3’ to 6’ in about 25 msec; maximum speeds of ZOO’/sec are involved. (ii) Drift movements, during theExpand
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Physiology of the Retina and Visual Pathway
By G. S. Brindley London: Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd. Pp. xi + 298. Price 35s. This book includes a general introduction to the subject and a series of essays on topics of special interest to theExpand
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The absorption spectra of natural and irradiated diamonds
The absorption spectra of fifty-two natural diamonds have been measured at 80 and 290°K. Type I diamonds are shown to have two kinds of absorption centres which are not detected in type II diamonds.Expand
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The absorption of molecular oxygen between 1850 and 2500 Å
Abstract Absorption cross-sections for oxygen in the region 1850–2500 A have been measured. There is a variation with pressure (probably due to the formation of O 4 ). The values obtained byExpand
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Absorption cross-sections in the vacuum ultra-violet III. Methane
  • R. Ditchburn
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  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 5 April 1955
Cross-sections for the continuous absorption of radiation by methane in the wave-length range 1600 to 350A have been measured. The absorption is analyzed so as to distinguish between absorptionExpand
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Binocular Vision with two Stabilized Retinal Images
Experiments are described in which each eye is presented with a target whose image remains on the same part of the retina when the eye moves. Expand
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