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Is there a causal relationship between the hypoxia-ischaemia associated with cardiorespiratory arrest and subdural haematomas? An observational study.
The aim of this study was to determine the frequency of subdural haematomas (SDHs) occurring in infants presenting following atraumatic cardiorespiratory collapse. This study was a review ofExpand
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ACTH and gonadotropin deficiencies predict mortality in patients treated for nonfunctioning pituitary adenoma: long‐term follow‐up of 519 patients in two large European centres
Nonfunctioning pituitary adenomas (NFPAs) are the most common subtype of pituitary tumour. Hypopituitarism is observed in NFPAs due to tumour‐ or treatment‐related factors and may increase mortalityExpand
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Heterogenous patterns of recovery of thirst in adult patients with adipsic diabetes insipidus.
BACKGROUND The natural history of adipsic diabetes insipidus (ADI) is not well described, and reports of recovery of thirst are rare. DESIGN AND METHODS Case histories presentation. ADI wasExpand
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Hyponatraemia – presentations and management
ABSTRACT Hyponatraemia is the most common electrolyte disturbance encountered in clinical practice. It is associated with significant morbidity and mortality, thus appropriate investigation andExpand
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Acromegaly – Diagnosis and Clinical Management
Acromegaly is a rare, chronic, progressive disease characterized by excess secretion of growth hormone (GH) and increased circulating insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) concentrations. It is causedExpand
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Factors impacting on the action of glucocorticoids in patients receiving glucocorticoid therapy
Glucocorticoids (GCs) are steroid hormones, which are essential for life. They are secreted by the adrenal cortex under the control of the hypothalamic‐pituitary‐adrenal (HPA) axis. GlucocorticoidsExpand
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The thoracic anterior spinal cord adhesion syndrome.
OBJECTIVES This study included a series of middle-aged male and female patients who presented with chronic anterior hemicord dysfunction progressing to paraplegia. Imaging of anterior thoracic cordExpand
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Endocrinopathies and renal outcomes in lithium therapy: impact of lithium toxicity
Background Lithium is the mainstay of treatment for bipolar disorder, mania and an augmentation therapy in patients with treatment resistant depression. It has a narrow therapeutic index, withExpand
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Rates of abnormal aldosterone/renin ratio in African‐origin compared to European‐origin patients: A retrospective study
The aldosterone/renin ratio is the initial screening test for primary hyperaldosteronism (PHA), but little data exists regarding ethnic variations in this.
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Adrenal crisis: prevention and management in adult patients
Adrenal crisis is an acute life-threatening emergency contributing to the excess mortality that is reported in patients with adrenal insufficiency. The incidence of adrenal crisis is estimated to beExpand
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