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Antibacterial and antioxidant cassane diterpenoids from Caesalpinia benthamiana.
The presence of methyl ester and methyl functional groups as well as an unsaturated furan ring appears to confer antibacterial activity and the relatively stronger antioxidant activity of benthaminin 2 may be associated with the presence of an exocyclic methylene function. Expand
The heavy metal contents of some selected medicinal plants sampled from different geographical locations
It is shown that same species of medicinal plants, growing in different environments, accumulates different levels of heavy metals. Expand
Antiplasmodial activity of selected medicinal plants used to treat malaria in Ghana
The results while justifying the traditional use of the plant materials in the treatment of malaria, however, suggest their cautious use. Expand
Antimicrobial, resistance‐modifying effects, antioxidant and free radical scavenging activities of Mezoneuron benthamianum Baill., Securinega virosa Roxb. &Wlld. and Microglossa pyrifolia Lam.
Findings give some support to the ethnopharmacological use of the plants in the treatment of various skin diseases and wounds, as well as demonstrating the potential of some of these plants as sources of compounds possessing the ability to modulate bacterial multidrug resistance. Expand
In Vitro evaluation of effects of two ghanaian plants relevant to wound healing
The antioxidant activities and antimicrobial activities of Commelina diffusa herb and Spathodea campanulata bark suggest that the use of the plants in wound healing may be based on antioxidant and antiseptic effects of its constituents. Expand
Medicinal plants and finished marketed herbal products used in the treatment of malaria in the Ashanti region, Ghana.
This study provides new additions to the inventory of medicinal plants used for the management of malaria and reports the commercial availability and regulation of finished marketed labelled herbal products intended for the treatment of malaria in Ghana. Expand
In vitro anti-plasmodial activity of three herbal remedies for malaria in Ghana: Adenia cissampeloides (Planch.) Harms., Termina liaivorensis A. Chev, and Elaeis guineensis Jacq
The result of this study appears to confirm the folkloric anti-malarial use of Adenia cissampeloides, Terminalia ivorensis and Elaeis guineensis in Ghana. Expand
Evaluation of Wound Healing Actions of Hoslundia Opposita Vahl, Anthocleista Nobilis G. Don. and Balanites Aegyptiaca L.
All three extracts have potent wound healing activity as evident from the wound contraction, increased tensile strength and hydroxyproline content, and potent antioxidant activity by inhibiting lipid peroxidation, bleaching DPPH radical and protecting against oxidant injury to fibroblast cells is indicated. Expand
Chemical Diversity of Lippia multiflora Essential Oils from West Africa
Abstract The essential oil content, composition and the physicochemical properties of Lippia multiflora leaves from twelve different regions in Ghana were characterized in this study. The GhanaianExpand
Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity of Furanocoumarins and Sterolin from the stem bark of Ficus exasperata Vahl (Moraceae)
Ficus exasperata is a popular plant among traditional healers in Africa where various parts of the plant are used for some medicinal purposes. Previous research on the stem bark revealed considerableExpand