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Coherence in Spontaneous Radiation Processes
By considering a radiating gas as a single quantum-mechanical system, energy levels corresponding to certain correlations between individual molecules are described. Spontaneous emission of radiation
Mach's principle and a relativistic theory of gravitation
The role of Mach's principle in physics is discussed in relation to the equivalence principle. The difficulties encountered in attempting to incorporate Mach's principle into general relativity are
The measurement of thermal radiation at microwave frequencies.
  • R. Dicke
  • Physics
    The Review of scientific instruments
  • 1 July 1946
The experimentally measured root mean square fluctuation of the output meter of a microwave radiometer compares favorably with a theoretical value of 0.4°C, which corresponds to a minimum detectable power of 10-16 watt.
The effect of collisions upon the Doppler width of spectral lines
  • R. Dicke
  • Physics, Education
  • 15 January 1953
Quantum mechanically the Doppler effect results from the recoil momentum changing the translational energy of the radiating atom. The assumption that the recoil momentum is given to the radiating
Principles of Microwave Circuits
This book discusses waveguide junctions with several arms, dielectrics in waveguides, mode transformations, and the symmetry of wave guide junctions.
Is there a chronometer hidden deep in the Sun?
No support is found for the conventional view of the sunspot cycle, that there exists a large random walk in the phase of the cycle. Instead, both sunspots and the [D/H] solar/terrestrial weather