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Quantitative field measurement of soot emission from a large gas flare using sky-LOSA.
Particulate matter emissions from unconfined sources such as gas flares are extremely difficult to quantify, yet there is a significant need for this measurement capability due to the prevalence andExpand
A Generalized Sky-LOSA Method to Quantify Soot/Black Carbon Emission Rates in Atmospheric Plumes of Gas Flares
A new generalized theory governing sky-LOSA measurements (line-of-sight attenuation measurements of sky-light) of soot mass flux in atmospheric plumes has been developed which enables accurateExpand
Unambiguous profilometry by fringe-order identification in white-light phase-shifting interferometry
Abstract This paper proposes a white-light phase-shifting method for interferometry, in which the absolute phase of each point is measured individually. During the axial scanning of the sample, eightExpand
Investigation of toluene LIF at high pressure and high temperature in an optical engine
Toluene laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) emission spectra were acquired in an optical engine with excitation at 248 nm. Toluene was homogeneously seeded in pure nitrogen and air which were used asExpand
Sky-scattered solar radiation based plume transmissivity measurement to quantify soot emissions from flares.
For gas flares typical of the upstream energy industry and similar point sources, most current methods for characterizing soot emissions are based on plume opacity rather than a quantitative measureExpand
Development of a two-line OH-laser-induced fluorescence thermometry diagnostics strategy for gas-phase temperature measurements in engines.
This study aims at optimizing two-line OH thermometry strategies for in-cylinder measurement in internal combustion engines. Various aspects are investigated experimentally, such as the selection ofExpand
Roughness measurement by confocal microscopy for brightness characterization and surface waviness visibility evaluation
Brightness and waviness appearance are important criteria of surfaces for the success of commercial products. The first part of this paper presents a brightness measurement procedure based onExpand
Fluorescence temperature sensing on rotating samples in the cryogenic range
A surface temperature measurement technique for rotating samples is proposed. It is based on the concept of fluorescence thermometry. The fluorescent and phosphorescent phenomena have been applied inExpand
Application of phase shifting interferential microscopy to pitting corrosion studies of ion-implanted stainless steel
Phase-shifting interferometry microscopy is applied to the analysis of corrosion pitting of a 304 stainless steel (with and without molybdenum-ion implantation) in NaCl solution. Owing to theExpand
Detection of iron atoms by emission spectroscopy and laser-induced fluorescence in solid propellant flames.
Planar laser-induced fluorescence on atomic iron is investigated in this paper, and a measurement strategy is proposed to monitor the fluorescence of iron atoms with good sensitivity. A model isExpand