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Pseudovivipary in Isachne globosa , Family Poaceae
Pseudovivipary is observed in apomictically or asexually reproducing plants, which may be natural or induced, and confined to terrestrial habitat due to teratology, mechanical injuries, pathogenecity or abrupt environmental changes. Expand
Foliar Micromorphology of Subtribe Ischaemineae, Tribe Andropogoneae, Family Poaceae
From all the studied micromorphological characters, papillae and microhairs are found to be most useful character to segregate species and genera in subtribe Ischaemineae. Expand
Thermal properties of some H.C.P. metals. II. Debye-Waller factors of zinc, cadmium and magnesium
Debye-Waller factors of zinc, cadmium, and magnesium are determined from room temperature up to about their melting points by X-ray diffraction using a diffractometer, scintillation counter, chartExpand
Ischaemum sayajiraoi, a new species of Poaceae from Gujarat, India
SummaryA new species of Ischaemum, I. sayajiraoi Raole & R. J. Desai (Poaceae) is described and illustrated from Gujarat state, western India. A detailed morphological description and line drawing ofExpand
Formulation of capacitance of rapid thermal annealed junction
An analytical expression for charge distribution and electric field of a rapid thermally annealed junction device is provided and indicates that Rapid Thermal Annealed process is a valid and economical method to produce microwave devices. Expand
Comparative foliar epidermal studies in Coix lacryma-jobi L. and Coix aquatica Roxb. (Poaceae).
F foliar epidermal studies were carried out for Coix lacryma-jobi L. and Coix aquatica Roxb. Expand