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Retinoic acid receptor signaling regulates choroid fissure closure through independent mechanisms in the ventral optic cup and periocular mesenchyme
Retinoic acid receptor (RAR) signaling is required for morphogenesis of the ventral optic cup and closure of the choroid fissure, but the mechanisms by which this pathway regulates ventral eyeExpand
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A concise synthesis of 4′-O-methyl honokiol
Abstract A concise and protecting group free synthesis of the naturally occurring neolignan 4′- O -methyl honokiol is developed. The key biaryl bond is constructed by 1,2-addition of an aryl GrignardExpand
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Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of platensimycin analogues with varying degrees of molecular complexity.
The molecular design, chemical synthesis, and biological evaluation of two distinct series of platensimycin analogues with varying degrees of complexity are described. The first series of compoundsExpand
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Adamantaplatensimycin: a bioactive analogue of platensimycin.
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Catalytic phosphorus(V)-mediated nucleophilic substitution reactions: development of a catalytic Appel reaction.
Catalytic phosphorus(V)-mediated chlorination and bromination reactions of alcohols have been developed. The new reactions constitute a catalytic version of the classical Appel halogenation reaction.Expand
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Phosphine oxide-catalysed chlorination reactions of alcohols under Appel conditions.
A phosphine oxide-catalysed chlorination reaction of primary and secondary alcohols has been developed. This process represents the first triphenylphosphine oxide-catalysed alcohol chlorination underExpand
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Stereocontrolled synthesis of model core systems of lomaiviticins A and B.
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Chemical Synthesis of the GHIJKLMNO Ring System of Maitotoxin.
As the largest secondary metabolite to be discovered as of yet, the polyether marine neurotoxin maitotoxin constitutes a major structural and synthetic challenge. After its originally proposedExpand
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Catalysis of phosphorus(V)-mediated transformations: dichlorination reactions of epoxides under Appel conditions.
A stereospecific triphenylphosphine oxide-catalyzed 1,2-dichlorination reaction of epoxides has been developed. The reaction is effective for a range of terminal and internal epoxides. In contrast toExpand
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