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Isotopic Effects in Single Filament Thermal Ion Sources
Isotopic effects occuring during the evaporation of microgram quantities of chemically pure rubidium, potassium and lithium compounds are studied. The measured isotopic ratios show a time dependentExpand
Carcinoembryonic antigen: Clinical correlation with chemotherapy for metastatic gastrointestinal cancer
The limited effectiveness of chemotherapy for gastrointestinal cancer in this series precludes any definitive conclusion regarding the effect of chemother‐apeutically induced tumor regression on CEA levels, although there is suggestive evidence that CEA correlates with remission. Expand
Carcinoembryonic antigen in pancreatitis
Serum specimens of 42 patients with pancreatitis were analyzed for carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and 18 patients with alcoholic etiology had positive assays, but CEA positivity did not correlate with levels of serum amylase or liver function tests. Expand
Cl, K, and Ka concentrations in Antarctic snow and ice
Introduction.Absolute and relative concentrations of various elements in precipitation are subject to geographical variations which are sometimes very important [Eriksson, 1957,1959, 1960; Junge,Expand
A Simple Timing Device Combined with Surface Electromyography in the Study of Phasic Muscle Activity
A timing device (modified Wolborsky type) permitted satisfactory differentiation of stance and swing phase of gait in the study of phasic muscle activity. Further application of the techniqueExpand
New PDC bit optimizes drilling performance
The lithology in northwest Argentina contains a major section where polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits have not succeeded in the past. The section consists of dense shales and cementedExpand
Cutting monobloc drilling tool
An integral tool bit for drilling a rock formation, including a cemented metal carbide holder (30) attached to the tool and joined, e.g. soldered, to a plate (34) in the form of a cylindrical discExpand
Steel-body PDC-bit technology improves bit performance
The new steel-body bits have significantly higher blade standoff than matrix bits and provide the necessary material design and quality properties for dramatically improved performance in specific drilling applications. Expand