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Mechanism of Alzheimer's disease: Arguments for a neurotransmitter-aluminium complex implication
The authors are convinced that in Alzheimer's disease, as in Down's syndrome and Guam-Parkinson dementia, one may find an alteration in blood brain barrier transfer and a resultant imbalance inExpand
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Free radical generation of protease-resistant prion after substitution of manganese for copper in bovine brain homogenate.
The exchange between copper and seven transition metals is studied in a bovine brain obex homogenate according to the redox status of the medium. In reductive conditions, almost all the studiedExpand
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If exposure to aluminium in antiperspirants presents health risks, its content should be reduced.
Since aluminium (Al) pervades our environment, the scientific community has for many years raised concerns regarding its safety in humans. Al is present in numerous cosmetics such as antiperspirants,Expand
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Aluminum l-glutamate complex in rat brain cortex: in vivo prevention of aluminum deposit by magnesium d-aspartate
Our previous experiments in the rat showed that aluminum L-glutamate complex (Al L-Glu) crosses the blood-brain barrier and accumulates in selective brain areas and that Al salts may increaseExpand
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Is brain copper deficiency in Alzheimer's, Lewy body, and Creutzfeldt Jakob diseases the common key for a free radical mechanism and oxidative stress-induced damage?
In Alzheimer's (AD), Lewy body (LBD), and Creutzfeldt Jakob (CJD) diseases, similar pathological hallmarks have been described, one of which is brain deposition of abnormal protease-resistantExpand
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Aluminum transfer as glutamate complex through blood-brain barrier
In vitro distribution of aluminium between plasma and erythrocytes has been studied in the presence of variable amounts of sodiuml-glutamate. With a red blood cell suspension in isotonic sodiumExpand
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Modification of the blood-brain barrier through chronic intoxication by aluminum glutamate
The authors have used an experimental rat model of chronic aluminum (Al) intoxication to reproduce pathological signs analogous to those observed in humans for Alzheimer’s disease or dialysisExpand
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Détermination de l'aluminium dans les eaux d'hémodialyse par échantillonnage séequentiel sur capteur de résine chélatante
L'aluminium a l'etat d'ultratraces dans les eaux est preconcentre par filtration a pH 6.5 en milieu acetate de sokium 0.1 M sur capteur de resine Chelex-100 (100-200 mesh). Dans ces conditions,Expand
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Capteur de resine chelatante pour le prelevement la preconcentration et la determination de metaux traces toxiques (Zn, Cd, Hg, Pb) dans les eaux
Resume Les elements: zinc, cadmium, mercure et plomb a des concentrations du μg 1 −1 dans des eaux naturelies sont concentres par filtration sur un capteur constitue par une cartouche en matierExpand
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