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Escape from the Iron Cage? Organizational Change and Isomorphic Pressures in the Public Sector
Institutional theory suggests that organizations pursue legitimacy by conforming to isomorphic pressures in their environment. We extend previous research on institutional theory by distinguishingExpand
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Inhabiting Institutions: Critical Realist Refinements to Understanding Institutional Complexity and Change
This paper builds on recent contributions to understanding conditions of institutional complexity by developing a theoretical framework to elaborate the interdependencies between actions, contextsExpand
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Understanding innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises: a process manifest
This paper proposes new directions in researching innovation in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) based on a process perspective. We proceed by (a) reviewing advances in mainstream innovationExpand
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Context matters: examining ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ approaches to employee engagement in two workplaces
This paper reports different managerial approaches to engaging employees in two contrasting organizations. We categorize these approaches to employee engagement as ‘hard’ and ‘soft’, and examine howExpand
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News From Behind My Hand: Gossip in Organizations
This paper offers an interpretation of the importance of organizational gossip. It draws together theory and research from various disciplines in order to explore four main propositions: that gossipExpand
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Systems of Exchange
We develop a classification scheme of systems of exchange using concepts from network analysis, economics, and cultural sociology. This classification illustrates that the “free market” is but oneExpand
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Organizing unionism comes to the UK
The concept of an “organizing model” of trade unionism has shaped union strategies for revitalization in a number of countries in recent years. This article examines the transfer of “organizingExpand
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Lean Production Practices: International Comparisons in the Auto Components Industry1
In recent years the application of lean production principles has been forcefully expounded as the route to high-performance manufacturing. This paper examines the relationship between leanExpand
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Beyond the enterprise: Broadening the horizons of International HRM
In this article we argue that International HRM research will benefit from an extended research agenda that moves: i) beyond the enterprise, ii) beyond managerialism, and iii) beyond universalism.Expand
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