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10×10nm2 Hf/HfOx crossbar resistive RAM with excellent performance, reliability and low-energy operation
We report on world's smallest HfO2-based Resistive RAM (RRAM) cell to date, featuring a novel Hf/HfOx resistive element stack, with an area of less than 10×10 nm2, fast ns-range on/off switchingExpand
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A consistent model for the thickness dependence of intrinsic breakdown in ultra-thin oxides
A consistent model for the intrinsic time dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB) of thin oxides is introduced. This model links the existing anode hole injection and the electron trap generationExpand
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New insights in the relation between electron trap generation and the statistical properties of oxide breakdown
In this paper it is demonstrated in a wide stress field range that breakdown in thin oxide layers occurs as soon as a critical density of neutral electron traps in the oxide is reached. It is provenExpand
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Origin of NBTI variability in deeply scaled pFETs
The similarity between Random Telegraph Noise and Negative Bias Temperature Instability (NBTI) relaxation is further demonstrated by the observation of exponentially-distributed threshold voltageExpand
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Disorder-controlled-kinetics model for negative bias temperature instability and its experimental verification
A model for NBTI is proposed based on disorder-controlled diffusion and drift in amorphous dielectrics. Experimental data on finFETs confirm all major predictions of the model: temperature dependenceExpand
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Impact of MOSFET gate oxide breakdown on digital circuit operation and reliability
The influence of FET gate oxide breakdown on the performance of a ring oscillator circuit is studied using statistical tools, emission microscopy, and circuit analysis. It is demonstrated that manyExpand
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Characterization of the V/sub T/-instability in SiO/sub 2//HfO/sub 2/ gate dielectrics
The electrical stability of CMOS devices with conventional gate dielectrics is commonly studied using static (DC) measurement techniques. By applying the same methods to MOS devices with alternativeExpand
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Ultrathin (<4 nm) SiO2 and Si-O-N gate dielectric layers for silicon microelectronics: Understanding the processing, structure, and physical and electrical limits
The outstanding properties of SiO2, which include high resistivity, excellent dielectric strength, a large band gap, a high melting point, and a native, low defect density interface with Si, are inExpand
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Intrinsic switching variability in HfO2 RRAM
In this work, we present a systematic electrical characterization of TiN\HfO2\Hf\TiN RRAM elements from the variability perspective. Variability of both programmed resistance values and switchingExpand
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Channel Hot Carrier Degradation Mechanism in Long/Short Channel $n$-FinFETs
The channel hot carrier degradation mechanisms in n-FinFET devices are studied. In long channel devices, interface degradation by hot carriers mainly degrades the device at the maximum impactExpand
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