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Comparison of two alkaline treatments in the extraction of organic compounds associated with water repellency in soil under Pinus taeda
article i nfo Isopropanol:NH3 and Methanol:KOH (saponification) alkaline treatments are usually applied in the study of soil organic matter. The first is used in studies of soil water repellency, andExpand
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Effect of light intensity on methylxanthine contents of Ilex paraguariensis A. St. Hil
Mate (Ilex paraguariensis A. St. Hil.) is a shade-tolerant species, frequently cultivated on agroforestry systems or even in monoculture. Secondary metabolism of mate includes the methylxanthines,Expand
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Influência da compactação do solo na produtividade da rebrota de eucalipto
In areas of eucalyptus regrowth, field operations such as harvesting, pesticides spraying, fertilization and manuring contribute to soil compaction. In two areas of eucalypt (Eucalyptus grandis HillExpand
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Características físicas e químicas de substratos para produção de mudas de Ilex paraguariensis St. Hil.
This work aimed to evaluate the physical and chemical properties of different materials and their compositions, as well as their efficiency in the production of Ilex paraguariensis seedlings inExpand
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Influência dos atributos do solo sobre a qualidade da madeira de Pinus taeda para produção de celulose kraft.
To meet the increasing demand for forest products, much of the future timber supply will come from trees grown in managed plantations. This work was carried out to analyze the effects of soilExpand
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Influence of residue management and soil tillage on second rotation Eucalyptus growth
Harvesting residue management can change many soil chemical and physical properties, considering the mechanical operations involved and the impact on the organic matter content of the soil. SoilExpand
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In order to evaluate the influence of site quality on pine tree growth, eight different sites were selected in a commercial Pinus taeda plantation belonging to Klabin, in Telemaco Borba region,Expand
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Nutrientes minerais, biomassa e deposição de serapilheira em plantio de Eucalyptus com diferentes sistemas de manejo de resíduos florestais
Neste trabalho foi avaliado o efeito de diferentes manejos de residuos florestais no estado nutricional das arvores, no conteudo de nutrientes na serapilheira e a biomassa de serapilheira produzidaExpand
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Influência de propriedades físico-hídricas do solo no crescimento de Pinus taeda
Foi estudado o rendimento de Pinus taeda L. em funcao de propriedades fisico-hidricas do solo. O trabalho foi baseado em um mapeamento detalhado de solos, na escala 1:10.000, em duas areas da empresaExpand
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