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Fear of Flying: Impact on the U.S. Air Travel Industry
A total of 5,860 adult (over 18) Americans were surveyed to measure the prevalence of fear of flying and its impact on airline revenues. It was found that 17 percent of the adult population describeExpand
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Fear of Flying: Impact on the U.S. Air Travel Industry
One of every six adult Americans—25,000,000—is afraid to fly. These people make two-thirds fewer trips on commercial aircraft than those who are not afraid. The 1978 impact on the U. S. air travelExpand
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The Runaway: Person, Problem, or Situation?
Conducted in a relatively affluent suburban county, this study compared two groups of adolescents—those who ran away once or more and those who never ran away—and sought explanations for runawayExpand
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A History of the British Steel Industry.
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Effect of Vibration on the Operation of Decimal Input Devices1
A series of three experimental studies was conducted to determine the relative effects of mechanical vibration on decimal input performance. Six input panels were used, involving four basic types ofExpand
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Spatial economic theory
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Population Policy in a Regional Context
The past few decades we have been living in "the age of growth." Population size and growth have been identified with a nation's prosperity and strength. However, not all economists are so optimisticExpand
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