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Cyclotron resonance study of the electron and hole velocity in graphene monolayers
We report studies of cyclotron resonance in monolayer graphene. Cyclotron resonance is detected using the photoconductive response of the sample for several different Landau level occupancies. TheExpand
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4π-periodic Josephson supercurrent in HgTe-based topological Josephson junctions
The Josephson effect describes the generic appearance of a supercurrent in a weak link between two superconductors. Its exact physical nature deeply influences the properties of the supercurrent. InExpand
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Josephson radiation from gapless Andreev bound states in HgTe-based topological junctions
Frequency analysis of the rf emission of oscillating Josephson supercurrent is a powerful passive way of probing properties of topological Josephson junctions. In particular, measurements of theExpand
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Devolution in the United Kingdom
Chapter 1. The Background to Devolution Chapter 2. 'Devolution all round?': the case of England Chapter 3. English devolution: London leads the way? Chapter 4. The Evolution of Scottish DevolutionExpand
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Gapless Andreev bound states in the quantum spin Hall insulator HgTe.
In recent years, Majorana physics has attracted considerable attention because of exotic new phenomena and its prospects for fault-tolerant topological quantum computation. To this end, one needs toExpand
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Tunneling spectroscopy of Andreev energy levels in a quantum dot coupled to a superconductor.
The coupling of a quantum dot with a BCS-type superconducting reservoir results in an intriguing system where low energy physics is governed by the interplay of two distinct phases, singlet andExpand
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Electrically tunable three-dimensional g -factor anisotropy in single InAs self-assembled quantum dots
Three-dimensional anisotropy of the Land\'e $g$ factor and its electrical modulation are studied for single uncapped InAs self-assembled quantum dots (QDs). The $g$ factor is evaluated fromExpand
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The governance of Wales : the Welsh Office and the policy process, 1964-1999
The first comprehensive history of the former Welsh Office and the policy creation process.
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The Welsh Liberal Democrats: From Government to Opposition and Then Back Again?
For over 50 years from 1945 onwards, the Liberal Party and then the Liberal Democrats were either in decline in Wales or struggling to survive from election to election. Since 1997, however, thereExpand
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Large anisotropy of the spin-orbit interaction in a single InAs self-assembled quantum dot.
The anisotropy of the spin-orbit interaction (SOI) is studied for a single uncapped InAs self-assembled quantum dot holding just a few electrons. The SOI energy is evaluated from anticrossing orExpand
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