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The robust beauty of improper linear models in decision making.
Proper linear models are those in which predictor variables are given weights in such a way that the resulting linear composite optimally predicts some criterion of interest; examples of proper
Clinical versus actuarial judgment.
Research comparing these two approaches to decision-making shows the actuarial method to be superior, factors underlying the greater accuracy of actuarial methods, sources of resistance to the scientific findings, and the benefits of increased reliance on actuarial approaches are discussed.
Behavior, communication, and assumptions about other people's behavior in a commons dilemma situation.
Abstract : Two experiments investigated effects of communication on behavior in an 8-person commons dilemma of group versus individual gain. Subjects made a single choice involving a substantial
Psychological Science Can Improve Diagnostic Decisions
This paper presents a meta-modelling system that automates the very labor-intensive and therefore time-heavy and therefore expensive and expensive process of manually cataloging and cataloging medical equipment for use in the health care system.
House of Cards: Psychology and Psychotherapy Built on Myth
In this book, Robyn Dawes critically examines some of the most cherished clinical assumptions and therapeutic methods now in use. He points out that we have all come under the sway of a "pop psych"