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Structure and emplacement of mud volcano systems in the South Caspian Basin
The term “mud volcano system” is coined to describe the set of structures associated with a constructional edifice (mud volcano) and feeder complex that connects the volcano to its sourceExpand
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Hydraulic fractures: How far can they go?
The maximum reported height of an upward propagating hydraulic fracture from several thousand fracturing operations in the Marcellus, Barnett, Woodford, Eagle Ford and Niobrara shale (USA) is ∼588 m.Expand
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The East Java mud volcano (2006 to present): An earthquake or drilling trigger?
Abstract On May 29th 2006 a mud volcano, later to be named ‘Lusi’, started to form in East Java. It is still active and has displaced > 30,000 people. The trigger mechanism for this, the world'sExpand
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Knickpoint migration in submarine channels in response to fold growth, western Niger Delta
Abstract Several knickpoints have been identified along the present-day thalweg of a sinuous submarine channel–levee system (CLS) on the slope of the western Niger Delta using 3D seismic data. TheExpand
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The spatial formation of the South African City
The south African social formation is characterised by a distinctively large social distance. This paper traces the evolution of the social formation, identifies some of its parameter andExpand
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Faulting of salt-withdrawal basins during early halokinesis: Effects on the Paleogene Rio Doce Canyon system (Espirito Santo Basin, Brazil)
Three-dimensional seismic-reflection data are used in the analysis of submarine channel systems in the Espirito Santo Basin, Brazil. The exceptional quality of the studied data set allows theExpand
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Marine and Petroleum Geology
We compile published examples of induced earthquakes that have occurred since 1929 that have magnitudes equal to or greater than 1.0. Of the 198 possible examples, magnitudes range up to 7.9. TheExpand
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Post-breakup compression of a passive margin and its impact on hydrocarbon prospectivity: An example from the Tertiary of the Faeroe–Shetland Basin, United Kingdom
The FaeroeShetland Basin is part of a passive continental margin that formed as a result of multiphase extension associated with North Atlantic rifting during the Mesozoic and Paleocene. Breakup wasExpand
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Emplacement of giant mud volcanoes in the South Caspian Basin: 3D seismic reflection imaging of their root zones
Exceptional quality 3D data for the largest mud volcano yet described provide the first detailed imaging of the plumbing architecture that connects a major volcanic edifice to its source layer atExpand
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Birth of a mud volcano: East Java, 29 May 2006
On 29 May 2006, an eruption of steam, water, and, subsequently, mud occurred in eastern Java in a location where none had been previously documented. This “pioneer” mud eruption (the first to occurExpand
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