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Some effects of phenol- and thiol-nitrosation reactions on N-nitrosamine formation.
A reaction of pyrrolidine with nitrite at pH 5.0 is described, which gives enhanced N-nitrosation in the presence of p-cresol, which leads to a significant reduction in the yield of N-Nitroso-N-methylaniline under anaerobic conditions. Expand
Catalytic effect of nitrosophenols on N-nitrosamine formation
It is reported here that nitrosophenols can catalyse N-nitrosamine formation and chlorogenic acid and 4-methylcatechol catalyse the nitrosation of piperidine at gastric pH. Expand
The transnitrosation of secondary amines S-nitrosocysteine in relation to N-nitrosamine formation in cured meats.
The reactions at 37°C of S-nitrosocysteine hydrochloride with three secondary amines, N-methylaniline, morpholine and pyrrolidine, have been studied and the relevance of these findings to nitrosamine formation in cured meat and in vivo are discussed. Expand
Addition of primary aliphatic amines to 1,2-benzoquinone. The absence of reaction between a secondary amide and 1,2-benzoquinone
The addition of methylamine or ethylamine to 1,2-benzoquinone results in two isomeric major products, a 4,5-diamino-1,2-benzoquinone monoimine and a 2,5-diamino-1,4-benzoquinone monoimine. AdditionExpand
A study of the rates of the competitive nitrosations of pyrrolidine, p-cresol and L-cysteine hydrochloride.
The competitive nitrosations of pyrrolidine, p-cresol and L-cysteine hydrochloride were studied in aqueous solution under conditions which simulate those found in meat during processing, storage, cooking and gastric digestion. Expand
The enhanced N‐nitrosation of lipid soluble amines in a heterogeneous model system
The N-nitrosations of dihexylamine, dibutylamine and dipropylamine were studied in a heterogeneous model system containing a 20% n-decane phase. The reactions were examined at 37°C and with anExpand
The catalysis of the N-nitrosation of secondary amines by nitrosophenols
Abstract p -Nitrosophenols and the structurally related compounds, p -nitroso- N -alkylanilines and p -nitroso- N -dialkylanilines, have been found to catalyse the N-nitrosation of pyrrolidine andExpand
A study of the competitive nitrosations of pyrrolidine, ascorbic acid, cysteine and p‐cresol in a protein‐based model system
The effects of competitive C- and S-nitrosations on the formation of nitrosopyrrolidine were studied in a protein-based model system. The results obtained were compared with those of the analogousExpand