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A review of the literature on care of clients in pain who are culturally diverse.
AIM This article reviews the literature on the care of clients from diverse cultures who are in pain and provides strategies for care. BACKGROUND Pain is a critical concept for caring for clientsExpand
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American Academy of Nursing Expert Panel Report
The members of the Expert Panel on Cultural Competence of the American Academy of Nursing (AAN) envisioned this article to serve as a catalyst to action by the Academy to take the lead in ensuringExpand
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Multi-cultural and multi-ethnic considerations and advanced directives: developing cultural competency.
Attention to culturally specific rituals germane to end-of-life rituals are important for the nurse who is delivering culturally competent care. The Patient Self-Determination Act implemented in theExpand
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Church and Spirituality in the Lives of the African American Community
The African American church is held in the highest esteem by most African Americans. Although the influence of the African American church has been underestimated by physicians and nurses, it couldExpand
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The Giger and Davidhizar Transcultural Assessment Model
The Giger and Davidhizar Transcultural Assessment Model was developed in 1988 in response to the need for nursing students in an undergraduate program to assess and provide care for patients thatExpand
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Culturally competent care: emphasis on understanding the people of Afghanistan, Afghanistan Americans, and Islamic culture and religion.
Since the attacks in New York and Washington, DC, in September 2001, increased racial and religious animosity has left Arabs, other Middle Easterners, Muslims, and those who bear physical resemblanceExpand
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Eye to eye.
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Health and quality of life within Colonias settlements along the United States and Mexico border.
The Colonies settlements along the United States-Mexican border are reflective of third-world communities. Although most of the residents are U.S. citizens, they lack the basic educational and workExpand
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Mentoring in doctoral education.
Mentoring has historically been common among men. Recently, however, mentoring has emerged as a popular concept in nursing and more and more references in the nursing literature describe theExpand
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Strategies for Developing Cultural Competency in an RN-BSN Program
It is crucial for nurses to acquire skills and a knowledge base to care for increasingly diverse cultural populations. Many nurses returning to school did not receive theoretical information relativeExpand
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