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Norwalk virus infection and disease is associated with ABO histo-blood group type.
Given the rapidity with which resistance to HIV-1 appears to have been lost after brief interruptions of sex work by the Nairobi cohort, initial protection against infection was most likely stochastic.
Highlights from the SOAP project survey. What Scientists Think about Open Access Publishing
A preliminary analysis of the attitudes of researchers on, and the experiences with, open access publishing shows an overwhelming support for the idea of open access, while highlighting funding and (perceived) quality as the main barriers to publishing in open access journals.
Risks, Benefits, Complications and Harms: Neglected Factors in the Current Debate on Non-Therapeutic Circumcision
  • R. Darby
  • Medicine
    Kennedy Institute of Ethics journal
  • 1 March 2015
The AAP’s conclusion that the benefits outweigh the risks of circumcision is untenable not only for empirical reasons related to lack of data, but also for logical and conceptual reasons: the concept of risk employed—risk of surgical complications—is too narrow to be useful in the circumcision debate.
The Masturbation Taboo and the Rise of Routine Male Circumcision: A Review of the Historiography
There is increasing scholarly interest in the history of routine male circumcision in Anglophone countries, but much disagreement as to whether prevention of masturbation was an important part of
Open access journals - what publishers offer, what researchers want
The SOAP Study of Open Access Publishing project has analyzed the current supply and demand situation in the open access journal landscape, reflecting major support for the idea of open access, while highlighting drivers of and barriers to open access publishing.
Enabling Sharing and Reuse of Scientific Data
The study developed a conceptual model to describe the process of data sharing, and the drivers, barriers, and enablers that determine stakeholder engagement.
Enabling scientific data sharing and re-use
A conceptual model has been developed to characterize the process of data sharing and the factors which give rise to variations in data re-use, and provides a comprehensive description of the factors that enable or inhibit the sharing of research data.
The child's right to an open future: is the principle applicable to non-therapeutic circumcision?
  • R. Darby
  • Philosophy
    Journal of Medical Ethics
  • 30 January 2013
It is concluded that non-therapeutic circumcision would be a violation of the child's right to an open future, and thus objectionable from both an ethical and a human rights perspective.