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The Biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea: Estimates, Patterns, and Threats
The Mediterranean Sea is a marine biodiversity hot spot. Here we combined an extensive literature analysis with expert opinions to update publicly available estimates of major taxa in this marineExpand
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A three-year time series of elemental and biochemical composition of organic matter in subtidal sandy sediments of the Ligurian Sea (northwestern Mediterranean)
Abstract Variations in organic matter composition and microphytobenthic biomass were examined in the surface sandy sediments at a water depth of 10 m in the Gulf of Marconi (NW Mediterranean Sea)Expand
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Assessing the trophic state and eutrophication of coastal marine systems: a new approach based on the biochemical composition of sediment organic matter.
We used a biochemical approach based on the analysis of the quality and quantity of sedimentary organic matter for identifying new descriptors of the trophic state and environmental quality ofExpand
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Deep, diverse and definitely different: unique attributes of the world's largest ecosystem
Abstract. The deep sea, the largest biome on Earth, has a series of characteristics that make this environment both distinct from other marine and land ecosystems and unique for the entire planet.Expand
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Major viral impact on the functioning of benthic deep-sea ecosystems
Viruses are the most abundant biological organisms of the world’s oceans. Viral infections are a substantial source of mortality in a range of organisms—including autotrophic and heterotrophicExpand
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A Census of Marine Biodiversity Knowledge, Resources, and Future Challenges
The resources available for research are always limited. When setting priorities for research funding, governments, industry, and funding agencies must balance the demands of human health, foodExpand
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Extracellular DNA Plays a Key Role in Deep-Sea Ecosystem Functioning
The ecological role and biogeochemical relevance of extracellular DNA in the oceanic sediments are unknown. Our global estimates indicate that up to 0.45 gigatons of extracellular DNA are present inExpand
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Composition of organic matter in sediments facing a river estuary (Tyrrhenian Sea): relationships with bacteria and microphytobenthic biomass
The relationships between the biochemical composition of sediment organic matter and bacteria and microphytobenthic biomass distribution, were investigated along the coast of Northern TuscanyExpand
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Labile organic matter and microbial biomasses in deep-sea sediments (Eastern Mediterranean Sea)
Abstract The distribution and the biochemical composition of organic matter were analysed in surface sediments (0–15 cm) of 22 continental and bathyal stations (110–2401 m; Ionian and Aegean Seas).Expand
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Deep-Sea Biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea: The Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable
Deep-sea ecosystems represent the largest biome of the global biosphere, but knowledge of their biodiversity is still scant. The Mediterranean basin has been proposed as a hot spot of terrestrial andExpand
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