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Transfer of bacterial blight and blast resistance from the tetraploid wild rice Oryza minuta to cultivated rice, Oryza sativa
Backcross progeny produced from interspecific hybrids of O. sativa cv ‘IR31917-45-3-2’ and O. minuta Acc. Expand
Karyotype Analysis and Relationships Among Varieties of Arachis hypogaea L
The objective of this investigation was to identify the chromosomes of cultivated peanuts and determine the variation among subspecies and varieties and suggests that the variety vulgaris cultivars may be the most ancient A. hypogaea group. Expand
Identification and transfer of a new cytoplasmic male sterility source from Oryza perennis into indica rice (O. sativa)
The results suggest that IR66707A has the same cytoplasm as the donor (O. perennis), and CMS may not be caused by any major rearrangement or modification of mtDNA. Expand
Comparative studies of isozymes in Oryza sativa, O. minuta, and their interspecific derivatives: evidence for homoeology and recombination
Combined with chromosome data, the interspecific variation was exploited to monitor the relative genetic contribution of the two parents in the IR31917/Om101141 F1 hybrids and recurrent (IR31917) backcross progenies. Expand