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(Un)Told Stories of Post-War Prostitution: Challenging Hegemonic Narratives on Human Trafficking and Peacekeeping in Kosovo
Sex industries worldwide tend to flourish during United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions. The hegemonic discourse claims that women engaged in prostitution in the context of peacekeeping missionsExpand
Kosovar Women Engaged in Prostitution: (The Consequences of) Being Defined as a Voluntary Prostitute
Kosovar women engaged in prostitution in their home country in larger numbers when it became virtually impossible for foreign women to live in Kosovo and work in its sex industry. A large number ofExpand
Ethnographic Research on the Sex Industry: The Ambivalence of Ethical Guidelines
Highly symbolic and stereotypical images of victims of trafficking and ‘voluntary’ sex workers are often at the core of debates about the sex industry. Empirical studies show that such images rarelyExpand
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Introduction: The Variety of Ethical Dilemmas
Ethical issues have become an integral part of the process of preparing, conducting and publishing empirical research in the social sciences. These days, students are being trained in all kinds ofExpand
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Ethical Concerns in Research on Human Trafficking
ethical concerns in research on human trafficking studies studies of organized crime link.springer ethical concerns in research on human trafficking studies ethical concerns in research on humanExpand
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The Kosovo War and Its Aftermath
This chapter zooms in to focus on Kosovo. A contextual analysis of the Kosovo War and its aftermath is provided. Therewith, the chapter focuses on the social structures and power hierarchies whereinExpand
Foreign Women Engaged in Prostitution: Rethinking the Singular Image of Victims of Trafficking
The foreign women who were initially involved in the Kosovar sex industry are introduced in this chapter. In 1999, shortly after the end of the Kosovo War, women from Moldova, Romania, andExpand
Clientele of the Post-War Prostitution Business
This chapter discusses various types of clients of the nascent sex industry as identified by the women who are actually servicing them. Did the demand of peacekeepers indeed singlehandedly feed theExpand