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Riverine Plastic Litter Monitoring Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
This paper presents a new methodology for quantifying riverine plastic debris using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), including a first application on Klang River, Malaysia, and shows that UAV-based monitoring methods are a promising alternative for currently available approaches for monitoringRiverine plastic transport, especially in remote and inaccessible areas. Expand
A long-term seafloor deformation monitoring campaign at Ormen Lange gas field
Seafloor deformation monitoring is a new technology concept for offshore reservoir monitoring. Complementary to other areal monitoring techniques, it has the potential to cheaply and continuouslyExpand
Sublevel open stoping hanging wall instrumentation program at the Dugald River underground mine
An extensive sub level open stoping (SLOS) rock mass displacement monitoring program was conducted at the MMG Limited Dugald River underground mine as part of a trial stoping program from March toExpand
Simplified stochastic modeling of concrete spalling due to fire
Predicting spalling of concrete due to fire loading is undoubtedly a complex task to come across. Existing numerical models are dealing with the phenomena on different complexity levels of describingExpand
Geotechnical design considerations for Dugald River — from slot to sequence
Concerns regarding the uncertainty of stope dilution at the MMG Limited’s Dugald River underground mine led to a trial stoping program to acquire full-scale comprehensive geotechnical information andExpand
Dugald River trial stoping, overall hanging wall behaviour
Concerns regarding the uncertainty of stope dilution at MMG Limited’s Dugald River Underground Mine led to a trial stoping program to acquire full-scale comprehensive geotechnical information and toExpand
Rock stresses, its controls and associated ground behaviour at the Rosebery mine, Tasmania
The Rosebery mine, on the west coast of Tasmania, is currently one of Australia’s deepest mines. The orebodies dip moderately (45°) and mining is currently about 1,800 m below Mount Black. As mightExpand
Impact of instrumental drift on the estimation of deformation parameters from an acoustic ranging network on the seabed above the Ormen Lange gas field
The observations from a sea-floor acoustic ranging network at Ormen Lange, west of the coast of Norway, are examined for parameters of deformation. The null hypothesis implies that no significantExpand
Quantifying Floating Plastic Debris at Sea Using Vessel-Based Optical Data and Artificial Intelligence
Despite recent advances in remote sensing of large accumulations of floating plastic debris, mainly in coastal regions, the quantification of individual macroplastic objects (>50 cm) remainsExpand