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Mass loss in incubating Eurasian dotterel: adaptation or constraint?
Body mass loss is frequently observed in breeding birds: whether this is an adaptive response to a change in the relative value of body stores and locomotion performance or a consequence of energeticExpand
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Primary care reform: a three country comparison of 'budget holding'.
Governments in most developed nations have been looking to organisational and financial reform of health systems over the last decade. Although the structure and problems of the health care sector inExpand
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Dominance and feeding interference in small groups of blackbirds
Dominance and/or interference parameters play a pivotal role in most ideal free distribution models, but there has been scant empirical study of the exact manner in which they jointly operate. WeExpand
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Patch choice decisions of wild blackbirds: the role of preharvest public information
Abstract Although group foragers have the potential to enhance their patch choice decisions by observing the sampling behaviour of competitors (i.e. using ‘public information’), empirical support forExpand
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Absolute foraging rate and susceptibility to interference competition in blackbirds varies with patch conditions
Summary 1  Individual variation in feeding rate in the absence of competitors (absolute feeding rate) and change in feeding rate in the presence of competitors (susceptibility to interference)Expand
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Do kleptoparasites reduce their own foraging effort in order to detect kleptoparasitic opportunities?: An empirical test of a key assumption of kleptoparasitic models
Determining if, or when, individuals trade off time spent personally feeding against time spent monitoring others for kleptoparasitism opportunities is essential to an understanding of the evolutionExpand
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Effect of patients' age on management of acute intracranial haematoma: prospective national study
Abstract Objective: To determine whether the management of head injuries differs between patients aged 65 years and those <65. Design: Prospective observational national study over four years.Expand
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Devolved budgetary responsibility in primary care. A cross-country assessment of the impact on efficiency.
General Practitioners and primary care physicians have a pivotal role in the allocation of health care resources in most countries. With increasing costs of care, they have therefore become aExpand
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Improving patient flow: the impact of consultant work pattern on trauma ward efficiency.
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect on trauma ward efficiency of altering consultant shift patterns. DESIGN Outcome measures were compared for neck of femur fracture patients before and after theExpand
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