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Les cirripedes acrothoraciques echinicoles
The genus Rogerella is divided into two species, R. lecointrei and R. mathieui n.sp., and compared with the genus Zapfella.
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Revision des cirripedes acrothoraciques fossiles
A biometric and systematic study of acrothoracic cirripeds from Jurassic to Tertiary localities leads to a revision of the group. The new genera Simonizapfes (Liassic and Jurassic) and BrachyzapfesExpand
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Lesions et regeneration chez le Micraster
Describes several specimens of Cretaceous echinoids belonging to the genus Micraster, characterized by the presence of lesions or exhibiting malformation, which are attributed to the work ofExpand
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Sur un cas de commensalisme d'une annelide et d'un Clypeaster miocenes
Shells of Clypeaster species from the Helvetian (Miocene) of Syria are perforated by a commensal annelid, described as Lumbriconereis? clypeastricola n.sp.
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Mimetisme ou "pseudomorphose" chez des lamellibranches fixes sur echinides
Describes several cases of sessile pelecypods (Dimyodon and Pycnodonta), attached to Micraster which have developed tubercules reflecting the shape of the echinoid in which they grew. It is proposedExpand
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