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Lactoferrin and transferrin: functional variations on a common structural framework.
Lactoferrin shares many structural and functional features with serum transferrin, including an ability to bind iron very tightly, but reversibly, a highly-conserved three-dimensional structure, andExpand
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A Weak Calcium Binding Site in Subtilisin BPN‘ Has a Dramatic Effect on Protein Stability
The crystal structures of both subtilisin 8397 and a thermostable variant (Lys 256 Tyr) have been determined to 2.2 and 1.8 A resolution. The thermostable variant (8397+1) was previously shown toExpand
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Comparison of three commercial sparse-matrix crystallization screens.
Sparse-matrix sampling using commercially available crystallization screen kits has become the most popular way of determining the preliminary crystallization conditions for macromolecules. In thisExpand
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Breaking the low barrier hydrogen bond in a serine protease
The serine protease subtilisin BPN' is a useful catalyst for peptide synthesis when dissolved in high concentrations of a water‐miscible organic co‐solvent such as N, N‐dimethylformamide (DMF).Expand
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Subunit dissociation and reassociation leads to preferential crystallization of haemoglobin Bart's (γ4) from solutions of human embryonic haemoglobin Portland (ζ2γ2) at low pH
A variety of human haemoglobins (Hbs) are produced at different stages of human development, including three embryonic Hbs, foetal Hb and adult Hb. All are heterotetramers. During crystallizationExpand
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A modeling study of the interaction and electron transfer between cytochrome b5 and some oxidized haemoglobins
Abstract. Using Brownian motion simulations we have studied the formation of docked complexes of reduced cytochrome b5 and oxidized haemoglobin. Our results indicate that the presence of molecularExpand
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Oligomerization and ligand binding in a homotetrameric hemoglobin: Two high‐resolution crystal structures of hemoglobin Bart's (γ4), a marker for α‐thalassemia
Hemoglobin (Hb) Bart's is present in the red blood cells of millions of people worldwide who suffer from α‐thalassemia. α‐Thalassemia is a disease in which there is a deletion of one or more of theExpand
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Electron transfer between cytochrome b(5) and some oxidised haemoglobins: the role of ionic strength.
We have compared experimental measurements and Brownian dynamic calculations for the reduction of oxidised adult human haemoglobin by reduced bovine cytochrome b(5) over a range of ionic strengths.Expand
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