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Low-temperature oxidation of coal. 3. Modelling spontaneous combustion in coal stockpiles
In the first two papers of this series, a reaction-diffusion model for low-temperature oxidation of coal was developed and used to extract kinetic rate parameters for a Wyoming subbituminous coal. InExpand
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Geometrical Aspects of Sorted Patterned Ground in Recurrently Frozen Soil
A model for sorted patterned ground shows that some types arise from density-driven Rayleigh free convection that occurs during thawing of water-saturated recurrently frozen soils. The regularlyExpand
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A model for sorted patterned-ground regularity
Sorted patterned ground refers to polygons, nets, or stripes defined by rocky borders which are the result of sorting in soil subjected to frost action. This paper presents a model in whichExpand
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Low-temperature oxidation of coal. 1. A single-particle reaction-diffusion model
In this paper, the first of a three-part series, a kinetic model for low-temperature oxidation is developed. The formulation, based on a single isothermal particle, permits assessment of the relativeExpand
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Patterned ground formation and penetrative convection in porous media
Abstract A theoretical explanation is advanced consisting of a five stage process for the formation of polygonal ground which consists of stone borders forming regular hexagons and soil centres. OneExpand
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A corresponding states correlation of saturated liquid volumes
A corresponding states correlation is presented for the prediction of saturated liquid volumes. Parameters required are the critical temperature, the acentric factor, and a scaling volume. TheExpand
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Low-temperature oxidation of coal. 2. An experimental and modelling investigation using a fixed-bed isothermal flow reactor
Results of an experimental and theoretical modelling investigation on the low-temperature oxidation of fresh, wet, low-rank coals are reported. The rates of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxideExpand
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In situ coal gasification model (forward mode) for feasibility studies and design
A linear mathematical model for forward combustion has been developed for underground gasification of coal. Predicted results agree very well with data obtained from a field test conducted by theExpand
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Volumetric properties of nonpolar gaseous mixtures
Volumetric data of nonpolar gaseous mixtures are analyzed in terms of the theory of corresponding states. Special attention is given to an analysis of the second virial coefficient and to theExpand
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