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A three-phase soft-switched high power density DC/DC converter for high power applications
The authors present three DC/DC converter topologies suitable for high-power-density high-power applications. All three circuits operate in a soft-switched manner, making possible a reduction inExpand
Calculation of losses in ferro- and ferrimagnetic materials based on the modified Steinmetz equation
This paper discusses the influence of nonsinusoidal flux-waveforms on the remagnetization losses in ferro- and ferrimagnetic materials of inductors, transformers and electrical machines used in powerExpand
Comparison of the Modular Multilevel DC Converter and the Dual-Active Bridge Converter for Power Conversion in HVDC and MVDC Grids
It is expected that in the near future the use of high-voltage dc (HVDC) transmission and medium-voltage dc (MVDC) distribution technology will expand. This development is driven by the growing shareExpand
The auxiliary resonant commutated pole converter
The auxiliary resonant commutated pole (ARCP), a new power converter topology that fully achieves soft switching without increasing primary device voltage or current ratings, is discussed. The ARCPExpand
Modeling the dynamic behavior of supercapacitors using impedance spectroscopy
This paper presents a new approach of modeling the dynamic behavior of supercapacitors using impedance spectroscopy. The new Matlab/Simulink model can be used in simulating the voltage response andExpand
DITC-direct instantaneous torque control of switched reluctance drives
An on-line instantaneous torque control technique that works without torque distribution functions or auxiliary phase commutating strategies, which offers a wide drive operating range without the use of a high-resolution shaft position sensor or sensitive position estimation techniques. Expand
Control and Design of DC-Grids for Offshore Wind Farms
Recently, the interest in offshore wind farms has been increased significantly. Besides the huge amount of space available they have the advantage of an increased and more constant wind speed,Expand
Solid-state circuit breakers and current limiters for medium-voltage systems having distributed power systems
State-of-the-art mechanical circuit breakers in medium-voltage systems allow a safe handling of short-circuits if the short circuit power of the grid is limited. Using delayed turn-off times, theExpand
A novel three-phase DC/DC converter for high-power applications
This paper proposes a new three-phase series resonant converter. The principle working of the converter is described analytically in detail for switching frequencies equal to the resonant frequencyExpand
Circuit breaker concepts for future high-power DC-applications
The development of advanced transmission and distribution technologies is steadily gaining interest. Especially the large number of wind farms leads to a demand for new and innovative solutions.Expand